Cape Town Part 2

Here are the second half of pictures from my time in Cape Town. I split them up mostly just for loading’s sake, but hope you enjoyed the both of em! Another of the dives we brought clients out on was an offshore dive to see the blue and mako sharks. Here’s a little video someone […]

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Cape Town Part 1

After my time around Southeast Asia, I flew to Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent about two months volunteering with a Shark Tour Company called Shark Explorers. I was able to get that gig through an Island School connection with one of the co-owners of the dive shop, who agreed to have me along. […]

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Hey all! So a lot has happened since I last checked in here, as I am now at home after 9 months on the road, but I will do my best to go back through all of my photos from the rest of the trip and get them on here for you guys to see. […]

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Myanmore – The second part

  So I left you with my time in Myanmar up through Bagan, and now I am going to run down the rest of my experience in this great country. After Bagan, I took a bus back to Yangon and then immediately hopped on another bus to Hpa-an (pronounced Pa-ahn, an ironic anagram), which is […]

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Myanmar Pt. 1: Yangon and Bagan

After leaving Chiang Mai, I flew to Bangkok and then to Yangon, which is the largest city and former capital of the country. I spent a couple of days exploring the city before taking a train up to Bagan, the ancient capital of the Pagan Kingdom. Myanmar is a very interesting place to visit because, unlike […]

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Chiang Mai: Even more temples

After my wonderful time in Siem Reap, I made my way to Bangkok by bus and then took an overnight train up to Chiang Mai, where I spent 5 days. In that transit I did my first ever solo land border crossing as well as my first overnight train, which were both exciting. I got […]

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Temples on Temples

I spent the last days of 2016 and the firsts of 2017 in Siem Reap Cambodia, a low lying urban sprawl south of the Angkor archeological site, and I had a wonderful time exploring the cities, both ancient and modern. Angkor Wat is Khmer (Cambodian) for “City of Temples”, and that is essentially what it is: […]

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