Kenya – The Last Chapter

This is the last batch of pictures I will be putting out here, so with this, my retelling of this story has reached its conclusion. I am infinitely grateful that I was able to embark on this journey and learn all that I have from it, and I am even more excited for the adventures […]

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Here is one of my final batches of pictures from my trip, covering the time I spent in Uganda, which was really amazing, and these pictures only capture a glimpse of the experiences I had during that time. The pictures weave a narrative of their own, and I will let them and their captions tell […]

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Rwandan Adventures

Alright I am back at it now with the next round of photos for you guys! Here are some of my pictures from the time I spent in Rwanda. This was the start of my favorite leg of the trip because I arrived in Kigali with little to no plan about where I needed to […]

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South African Road Trip

It has been quite some time since I last put anything up here, and I am now on break after finishing up my first semester of college. I was very hard to transition back into being a student and being back in such a familiar environment, but I am so grateful for the time I […]

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Cape Town Part 2

Here are the second half of pictures from my time in Cape Town. I split them up mostly just for loading’s sake, but hope you enjoyed the both of em! Another of the dives we brought clients out on was an offshore dive to see the blue and mako sharks. Here’s a little video someone […]

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Cape Town Part 1

After my time around Southeast Asia, I flew to Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent about two months volunteering with a Shark Tour Company called Shark Explorers. I was able to get that gig through an Island School connection with one of the co-owners of the dive shop, who agreed to have me along. […]

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Hey all! So a lot has happened since I last checked in here, as I am now at home after 9 months on the road, but I will do my best to go back through all of my photos from the rest of the trip and get them on here for you guys to see. […]

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