Cape Town Part 1

After my time around Southeast Asia, I flew to Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent about two months volunteering with a Shark Tour Company called Shark Explorers. I was able to get that gig through an Island School connection with one of the co-owners of the dive shop, who agreed to have me along. […]

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Hey all! So a lot has happened since I last checked in here, as I am now at home after 9 months on the road, but I will do my best to go back through all of my photos from the rest of the trip and get them on here for you guys to see. […]

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Myanmore – The second part

  So I left you with my time in Myanmar up through Bagan, and now I am going to run down the rest of my experience in this great country. After Bagan, I took a bus back to Yangon and then immediately hopped on another bus to Hpa-an (pronounced Pa-ahn, an ironic anagram), which is […]

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Myanmar Pt. 1: Yangon and Bagan

After leaving Chiang Mai, I flew to Bangkok and then to Yangon, which is the largest city and former capital of the country. I spent a couple of days exploring the city before taking a train up to Bagan, the ancient capital of the Pagan Kingdom. Myanmar is a very interesting place to visit because, unlike […]

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Chiang Mai: Even more temples

After my wonderful time in Siem Reap, I made my way to Bangkok by bus and then took an overnight train up to Chiang Mai, where I spent 5 days. In that transit I did my first ever solo land border crossing as well as my first overnight train, which were both exciting. I got […]

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Temples on Temples

I spent the last days of 2016 and the firsts of 2017 in Siem Reap Cambodia, a low lying urban sprawl south of the Angkor archeological site, and I had a wonderful time exploring the cities, both ancient and modern. Angkor Wat is Khmer (Cambodian) for “City of Temples”, and that is essentially what it is: […]

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Southern Thailand Adventures

After my time in Singapore, I flew to Phuket and then spent the next week or so exploring the wonderful islands around there. I ran into tourism running rampant as I have never experienced it before, but I was there for the busiest week of the entire year and I was still able to find […]

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