Here we go

As I sit outside the gate of my flight to Fiji I am confronted by the reality that the coming months of my life will all be new and challenging, which is both daunting and exciting. My journey started in LA over the past 10 days, but that stay felt as if it was a vacation from which I would return home, even though I knew that was not the reality. I had a great time getting to know the city and the people I was spending time with. Exploring the vast expanse of LA by bike gave me a good taste of the city as a whole while also making it evident how little of the city I actually saw. Over the course of my 10 days there, I saw beautiful architecture, art and music, had profound experiences with nature, and confronted the impact human existence has on the natural world, all of which I will try and reflect through my pictures. Here are some of my photos:

The facade of the Broad
Chuck Close
Me inside the infinity mirrored room
Signage for a show Cam and I went to see
LACMA sculpture
One of my favorite pictures from the Getty
Me and Cam at El Matador beach in Malibu
One of the many caves we explored that day on the beach
Cam admires the marvelous sunset
A bird that Cam and I stumbled across that was unable to fly. It was sad to watch but Cam and I stayed around to give it some food and water and make sure it was able to get up above the tide line. This experience with the bird made us both come to terms with our urban existence and so we decided to spend the night on the beach which was quite an adventure in many different ways
Waiting for the planetarium at Griffith Observatory
Stumbled upon some beautiful palm trees near Griffith park

I was sad to leave LA, but now, as I am wrapping up this post from my bed in Christchurch, New Zealand, I find that I am even more excited about the times I have ahead of me. I’ll do my best to keep those who are reading this up to date through my journey.


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