Another adventure begins

I have spent the last 11 (!) days of my life in Christchurch New Zealand, which has been a good experience, although I am sure the time ahead of my on this island will be much more beautiful and explorative. That’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of exploration in Christchurch though. I have seen fragile flowers, devastating destruction and natural beauty beyond words, and that’s just scratching the surface. I am leaving tomorrow morning to drive up north where I will be starting the Abel Tasman Coast Track, which I am very excited for, then I will be working on an Almond farm with what exactly I am to be doing TBD. I’m sure there will be many more updates to come but here’s an idea of my time in Christchurch in photographs:

Just a photo from my layover in the Fiji airport that I liked

Christchurch was struck with a devastating earthquake in 2011 and it is still rebuilding today, with large parts of the downtown reduced to rubble that remains 5 years later

What used to be a large hotel is now a pool of rebar and concrete
The botanical gardens were in the less affected western part of the city and they are beautiful with lots of different native and exotic plants
Art gallery that has just been reopened following repairs that ended up costing as much as the building itself. It has a wide range of kiwi art
Rainy days spent looking for a car
The car I found! It’s a 2000 toyota camry station wagon
Nice swing on the track out to the Godley head park down the street from where I was staying
Descent on a side path that quickly got pretty technical
Some sweet pools that the descent lead to
Lots of Cliffside exploration to be had
Hanging with Jen and George’s dog Sam out on a walk
A view into a cave in which waves would crash and splay upwards like aquatic fireworks. I stayed and watchrd until the waves started to crash up on my viewing platform
A cool rock creation in Boulder Bay that the bird doesn’t care about
Baby sheep that was one of many I encountered as I navigated the treacherous maze of guano littering the grassy hillsides

3 thoughts on “Another adventure begins

  1. Thanks, Griff. Sounds like you are having a great time. I shall continue to pray for your safety and good health. Did you cash your birthday check? It has not cleared. I got your note. xo



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