Trekking in Abel Tasman

I recently spent 5 days and 4 nights hiking around Abel Tasman National park on the Abel Tasman Coast Track. It was a great experience to get away from the human dominated world and simply become in touch with nature. My time in the park was full of pristine beaches, golden waters and dense forests, and it has made me very excited for the rest of my time in the outdoors of new zealand. Here’s a recap of my days in the park with some pictures.

Day 1:

The first stretch of trail from the carpark

One of many waterfalls passed on the first day as the trail wound back and forth through the forest
The view before the descent into anchorage bay
Cool reflections
Low tide water flow after I arrived at the hut
Looking up at the trees
Panorama of the beach at Anchorage
Sink with some interesting lighting at the hut

 Day 2:

Fierce color contrasts on the water
A funny cracker I found having lunch at cleopatra’s pool which was a side trip to a beautiful (albeit frigid) natural pool and water slide that I went down. It was much smoother than I expected but I didn’t get any good photos of it so here’s someone else’s video to give you a sense:
Boaz climbing down from the waterfall we ventured to. He and his girlfriend Lior are from Israel. I hiked the whole second day with them and I enjoyed getting to know them.
The falls
Crossing the biggest bridge in the park
Not the most stable but beautiful nonetheless
The bark bay hut

Day 3:

Another cool bridge

The entrance to a cool cave one one of the beaches en route to arowa
A beautiful bridge crossing a tidal river
The view down into that river
A dog we happened upon while skirting the high tide shoreline

Day 4:

Me during the low tide crossing

Big guy
Looking up
Footprint on the golden sand of totranui
A curious weka visits at lunch
The boat ramp on totranui
The path to venture further north
Some slots in the rocks on yet another beautiful beach
A view down on Mutton Cove, where I spent the night
The lighthouse at separation point just north of Mutton Cove
Cooking dinner under some serious cover. I cooked pretty well for myself and there was always a drive to eat more as every bit out of my pack was worth it.
My improvised campsite the morning after

Day 5:

Watching the sun rise over last night’s storm
Improvised drying facilities
Improvised splint. As I was venturing back to pack up my campsite, there was a woman who had fell and sprained her ankle, so I looked around for a while to find a stick with the right bend and then made this brace for her.
The crystalline coastline of golden Bay around the point
Trees are pretty
View down into wainui bay
Fern leaves unfurling
Fern leaf from below
Views from the water taxi back to town. It gave me a sense of the distance I had covered in the past days

Bonus pics from back on the farm I am staying at now:

The neighbor’s llamas
Jerry the goat

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