Wellington and Golden Bay

This past week I have really begun my intraNZ travels as I have taken trips to both Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand, and Golden Bay, which is a beautiful area just west of the Abel Tasman NP. I am leaving for my month long road trip tomorrow, and I have a lot of preparations to make, so I am going to keep this post short and sweet but here are some of my best photos from the past week.

Wake on the ferry to wellington
Bird on bird in the wellington harbor
California rapper Antwon was randomly playing in wellington
Random side street art
Some serious veggie action at the wellington Sunday market
Cool house in oriental bay in wellington
Sunset over the city from the top of mt Victoria
A biker stops for a test after climbing Mt Victoria
Cool trees in the botanical gardens
Awesome carving in an old Maori meeting house

Golden Bay:

Some mountain biking in Abel Tasman NP over some logs
Beautiful windblown sand on Whaririki beach
Baby seals at play in a tidal pool at the beach
The arched rocks that are the centerpiece of the beach
Wishing I had a nice photo setup but I make do
Sunrise through the trees
Beautiful colors at the pupu springs which are the largest freshwater springs by volume in the southern hemisphere
Some beautiful stalactites
The beautiful and powerful wainui falls

I am leaving on a long road trip today and I am not sure when I will next be on WiFi so I can’t guarantee any immediate updates but I am going to have some good adventures to share when I return. 


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