Road Tripping 

The past couple weeks have been amazing as I am now working my way around the south island and getting a sense of all there is to see. I have done and seen so much that a lot of stuff won’t make the cut in the post unfortunately but here goes in a photo recap

Summiting Mt. Robert in the Nelson Lakes National Park
A bike ride along an old mining railway
Walking under some of the southernmost palms in the world on the Heaphy track which I hiked for two days
The pancake rocks of punakaiki. Geologists still don’t know how they were formed stacked like they are
Some serious wave crashing action played out like a firework show
Slapping some Ranger skin at the base of franz josef glacier but I would get a much better view the following day
Beautiful reflective pool
Took a helicopter up onto franz josef to see it up close and personal
Never have I seen ice like this before
Emerging from the tunnel
The guide cutting some steps in the ice
A beautiful blue cave
Thankfully the day was clear which is not typical for the west coast
View from the hike up to Fox glacier with more typical weather
Some serious swing bridge action on the Copland track just south of glacier country
The natural hot pools at the top of the Copland were so rewarding after a days tramp up the Copland valley
Hiking out in the pouring rain meant for some roaring Rapids that made me very thankful for bridges
This is what the track looked like at points so it was very cautious going
Some very welcome sunshine as I wake up in a wet cold car amidst snowy peaks
Some beautiful water in the blue pools. Unfortunately a bit chilly for a swim
A beautiful drive along snow peaked mountains flanking lake wanaka
Some very neccescary beach lounging in wanaka after a cold and wet night
The wanaka tree out over the water
The view of Rob Roy glacier from a hike up to it which was spectacular

Dressed up as sleepwalkers for halloween with Alex and Louisa from Germany
Tried skydiving for the first time over Glenorchy and it was a very powerful experience that can’t be fully put into words.
Despite the clouds, this town of two houses and a whole lot of sheep is pretty aptly named
The view from the climb from the hike I did on the Roteburn track which was full of amazing alpine scenery
One downside to being up in the mountains is having to deal with this stuff but I was able to fashion some half decent steps with the shovel
Some beautiful falls catching the afternoon light in my descent on the Roteburn
The sun sets over Queenstown

I am leaving queenstown today and making my way over into the Fiordland NP to see the milford sound and do the kepler track along with some other hikes. Continuing south along the coast to the Catlins, I will probably then  go to Dunedin then to Mt Cook NP. After doing some trekking then I will head back over to Christchurch to sell my car before departing for Australia.


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