The land down under

It has been a while since my last post as I have been pretty busy with different explorations and activities and I am catching up now on sharing my pictures. The past couple weeks have been an adventure and I will now do my best to share some of the many experiences I have had.

Some sweet clouds over a fountain in one of Melbournes many parks
The center for the arts in melbourne. Looked to me like a giant play structure but there’s no climbing allowed
Sums up a lot of how I felt coming from the pristine nature of nz to the very urban Melbourne
Nighttime on the Yarra river
The fire show outside of the crown casino complex. I didn’t know it was a thing and was completely surprised when huge bursts of flame started erupting across the river from me as I was eating some dinner
Lots of very modern and interesting architecture. This is from an area called federation square
Stacked up plant in the botanical gardens
Cool mirror sculpture at the National Gallery of Victoria International ft. Selfie lady
Spent a lot of time looking up
Luna park in St Kilda based off of a park from coney island
Beach volleyball on St kilda beach during the sunset
Some little blue penguins mating on the St Kilda pier
Nighttime views of the melbourne skyline
The main reading room of the state Library of Victoria
Some more cool glass buildings
Was very surprised to see that in Sydeny Ibises roam the streets scavenging just like pidgeons
Fisheye view into the penguin tank at the Sydney aquarium
More looking up
A beautiful fern in the Sydney botanical gardens
A beautiful beach on sydeny harbors south head
A natural pool near Coogee beach
Waves splaying up after meeting the coastal rock wall
Winding rock formations
More crashing waves
Some pools in Bondi Beach that get topped up by big waves crashing through
A rock tightrope in the Royal national park south of Sydney
Me on top of the wedding cake rock in royal np
Lots of cool limestone formations happening around Sydney
Nighttime views of the Opera house and harbour bridge
Out on top of the great barrier reef
Sunrise over the GBR pt. 1
Sea turtle lazing about near our boat. On my last dive of this trip I had an awesome encounter with a sea turtle where I swam with it for a couple of minutes and touched it’s shell. They are really awesome animals
Sunrise over the GBR pt. 2
Ready to dive!
Chilling Koala
A curious and beautifully colored bird
An owls initial reaction to my entry into its enclosure
It then approached me and covered it’s face like so.
A cute wallaby
A croc lurking at the surface
A pelican cruising about
A lizard in the Daintree national park
A serene river also in the Daintree
Trees growing out of the sand in Cape tribulation
Beautiful mangrove ecosystems
A cool mirror inlaid into the wall at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art
A towering structure of fibres that looked an awful lot like cotton candy
Rooftop pool chilling in Brisbane

Overall I really enjoyed my time in Oz although I really only got the experience of the Australia accessible near urban areas, which is far from the whole. I would like to go back at some point and experience the true wild parts but in the meantime I have more travelling to do. I just spent 10 days in Indonesia and I am leaving tonight for Singapore. I will try and get a post up soon about my time in Indonesia, which was a great experience culturally. More on that later


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