Hey all!

So a lot has happened since I last checked in here, as I am now at home after 9 months on the road, but I will do my best to go back through all of my photos from the rest of the trip and get them on here for you guys to see. In the meantime, enjoy some of my pictures from the couple of days I had in Bangkok!


20170118_130116 copy20170118_130202 copy20170118_130326 copy20170118_130833 copy

20170118_131031 copy
Such intricate painting on the door of a temple

20170118_144613 copy

20170118_145647 copy
Monks have smartphones too
20170118_150031 copy
A splash of color
20170118_150825 copy
In mourning for the death of the king outside of the royal palace

20170118_151624 copy

20170118_181723 copy
On the back of the motorcycle taxi
20170118_215443 copy
The outside of Gaggan, one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. My sisters treated me to a meal there for Christmas when they heard I would be in Bangkok
20170118_182855 copy
The Tasting Menu was composed entirely of Emojis
20170118_183855 copy
First course came with a dry ice flourish
20170118_184434 copy
The Yogurt Explosion

20170118_185731 copy

20170118_190143 copy
Charcoal battered tempura shrimp. One of my favorites
20170118_190613 copy
The dish with the corn was made from Goat Brain!

20170118_194740 copy20170118_200654 copy

20170118_215241 copy
The chef himself paid my table a visit
20170119_171618 copy
Sun coming down at the Royal Pavillion

20170119_174539 copy

20170119_174843 copy
Gold laden buddhas of all sizes
20170119_175237 copy
A photo of the new Thai King adorned the stupa
20170119_182303 copy
Sunset from the Golden Mount Temple
20170119_185211 copy
Speeding down the city’s narrow canals

20170119_213109 copy

20170119_210423 copy
The tents of the Rot Fai Night Market
20170119_202758 copy
Paying for the train system with a small pod
20170119_225438 copy
The ceiling of the airport as I check in to fly to Cape Town

So Bangkok was the last stop on the way of my Asian adventure, and I am excited to share my pictures from my time in Africa after this.

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