Southern Thailand Adventures

After my time in Singapore, I flew to Phuket and then spent the next week or so exploring the wonderful islands around there. I ran into tourism running rampant as I have never experienced it before, but I was there for the busiest week of the entire year and I was still able to find […]

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Bali, Gili, and Lombok

It has been a long time since I have been able to update this blog, as I have had such short times in every place I have visited that I was too busy to sit down and take the time to publish this all. I am now settled down in Simons Town South Africa, where […]

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The land down under

It has been a while since my last post as I have been pretty busy with different explorations and activities and I am catching up now on sharing my pictures. The past couple weeks have been an adventure and I will now do my best to share some of the many experiences I have had. […]

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Farewell to Kiwiland 

I write this now in my last day in New Zealand, which is sad considering the wonderful times I have had here but also exciting for the adventures that are sure to lie ahead. I am flying to Melbourne tonight for a two and a half week trip to Sydney Carins and Brisbane as well. […]

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Road Tripping 

The past couple weeks have been amazing as I am now working my way around the south island and getting a sense of all there is to see. I have done and seen so much that a lot of stuff won’t make the cut in the post unfortunately but here goes in a photo recap […]

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Wellington and Golden Bay

This past week I have really begun my intraNZ travels as I have taken trips to both Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand, and Golden Bay, which is a beautiful area just west of the Abel Tasman NP. I am leaving for my month long road trip tomorrow, and I have a lot […]

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